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Computational Research in Molecular Chemistry
McCammon Lab Seminars

Weekly Meetings

Weekly meetings are held biweekly on Wednesdays from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM in Urey Hall 2205 (Keck II). Catering is provided.

Previous seminars

Date Speaker Title
January 26, 2022Lorenzo CasalinoTBD
February 2, 2022Mia RosenfeldTBD
February 9, 2022Nick WauerTBD
February 16, 2022Javi SanlleyTBD
February 23, 2022Xandra NuquiTBD
March 2, 2022Vedran MarkotaTBD
March 9, 2022Aashish ShivkumarTBD
March 16, 2022Lane VotapkaTBD
March 23, 2022ACS - no meetingTBD
March 30, 2022Patiemma RubioTBD
April 6, 2022Mac Kevin Braza
April 13, 2022Mo Shehata
April 20, 2022Abby Dommer
April 27, 2022Ozlem Demir
May 4, 2022Ashay Patel
May 11, 2022Naoya Asada
May 18, 2022No group meeting
May 25, 2022No group meeting
June 1, 2022Wen Ma
June 8, 2022Fiona Kearns
June 15, 2022Christian Seitz
June 22, 2022Gary Huber
June 29, 2022Shirley Ahn
July 6, 2022Andy Stokely
July 13, 2022Ilker Deveci
July 20, 2022Simon Park
July 27, 2022Anand Ojha
August 3, 2022Xandra Nuqui
August 10, 2022Aakash Davasam
August 17, 2022Lorenzo Casalino
August 24, 2022No group meeting
August 31, 2022Mia Rosenfeld
September 7, 2022Nick Wauer
September 14, 2022Javi Sanlley
September 21, 2022Vedran Markota
September 30, 2022Lane Votapka
October 5, 2022Patiemma Rubio
October 12, 2022Mac Kevin Braza
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